Defence Intelligence: The occupiers threaten the safe operation of the Zaporizhzhia NPP

Zaporizhzhya NPP is in a critical situation to ensure stable and safe operation of the station. There are almost no spare parts and consumables.

During the capture of the station, one of the shells fired by the occupiers exploded near one of the power units. As a result, the oil leaked. The damage was repaired, but the staff was forced to fill the circuit with used oil.

Currently, work at the station is carried out on a shift basis. The duration of the watch is one week.

The personnel of the occupying forces involved in the protection of the facility are located mainly in the hotel “Ukraine” and in the station’s premises. The military also occupies the apartments of evacuees.

The station has a strict access regime. Almost every personal item, especially phones, is confiscated during each shift.

The station’s management is studying the possibility of connecting the station to the power system of the Russian Federation. However, due to technical reasons, this is not yet technically possible.

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