Defence Intelligence: The pressure on the local population of the temporarily occupied territories is increasing

The population’s discontent is growing in the occupied territories due to the harsh actions of the occupying forces and racist local administrations.

Thus, in Veliky Burluk of the Kharkiv region, the occupation administration exerts pressure on local entrepreneurs intending to force them to obtain Russian passports and re-register following Russian legislation.

In many settlements, the occupiers threaten to close and nationalize enterprises. Also, a monthly “tax” of 5,000 roubles will be introduced for each car of enterprises.

At the same time, after the arrival of a new battalion of occupiers in Balakliya, particularly from the number of former criminal prisoners mobilized in the Russian Federation, the aggressive attitude towards the local population, cruelty, and immoral behavior in general increased sharply.

In addition, conflicts between enemy units continue on ethnic grounds, often affecting the civilian population. Thus, in the occupied territory of the Zaporizhzhia region, the Chechen deputy commander of one of the units was shot dead as a result of such a conflict. And in Zelenopilla, an occupant in a state of alcoholic intoxication knocked down an electric pole on an armored personnel carrier, causing the settlement to be cut off.

In the occupied territory of the Kherson region, particularly in Gola Prystan, pressure on the local population at checkpoints is increasing.

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