Defence Intelligence: The Russian Federation is trying to recruit mercenaries from among citizens of Central Asian countries, prisoners and representatives of remote regions

In the Russian Federation, a campaign under the slogan “from each subject of the federation by battalion” is actively unfolding. Within its framework, the Kremlin obliged each of the 85 Russian regions, including Crimea and Sevastopol, to form and financially stimulate one new battalion of “volunteers” to participate in the war against Ukraine. However, not all regions are ready to create such battalions at the expense of the local population. In particular, the Moscow authorities are forming the so-called “Mayor’s regiment”, which mostly recruits people from other regions and citizens of Central Asian countries (Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan). A high salary and the opportunity to obtain Russian citizenship are offered to encourage them.

In general, the Russian Federation is changing the tactics of replenishing the occupation’s personnel contingent on Ukraine’s territory. In order to avoid an unwanted announcement of mobilization, the recruitment of military personnel is carried out through private military companies, the Russian Guard and the “L/DPR”.

Cases of coercion to sign “contracts” against the local population in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions are recorded. Received complete carte blanche from the authorities of the Russian Federation for the selection of militants in the colonies.

Work has begun with former graduates of the Chelyabinsk Tank School in reserve under 50. They are called to volunteer for the tank battalion, which is tentatively being formed in Perm. An assembly point is organized there, and T-72 tanks arrive, which are urgently removed from long-term storage.

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