Defence Intelligence: the Russians understand that their country is about to collapse

Photo: Getty Images

Andrii Chernyak, the representative of the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, told “RBK-Ukraine” about the possibility of popular uprisings and the overthrow of Putin’s government.

“Now any coup in Russia is impossible. The system there is built so that people in power are interested in preserving the existing state of affairs. They have their fortunes, their vision of the world. Among them some sober people understand the criticality of the current situation in Russia. But they will never become a mouthpiece of any changes. Those with a different opinion are either destroyed, or they are too intimidated to take any drastic actions,” Andriy Chernyak said.

According to the representative of military intelligence of Ukraine, there is a possibility that a street may rise in Russia.

“This will happen when the number of people killed in the war will not be tens, but hundreds of thousands. The people are still bombarded with propaganda and intimidated by security forces. Everyone understands that all decisions are made by a single person. People may live in poverty, but they will not go against their king. But when there are hundreds of thousands of corpses, it will be a different situation,” added the representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

As Andriy Chernyak noted, people in Russia who closely cooperate with the military intelligence of Ukraine – “are conscious, adequate and understand that their country is facing collapse.”

“But at the same time, they cannot bring themselves to initiate something like an internal coup. They are waiting outside. When the street rises, then representatives of the ruling “top” will join the riots. In all structures, in every ministry, there are people who are ready to join this process. When their “ship” really goes to the bottom, there will be many who will renounce Putin,” concluded the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Ukraine.

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