Defence Intelligence: “The war will last until winter. The Russian Army is consolidating in the Kherson region”

Radio Svoboda published an interview with Vadym Skibitsky, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Putin is not giving up on his plans. This war will drag on. As long as the active phase is delayed, it will be September or October, or the end of the year. It depends on our resistance, on the state of our defense forces and on the help they give us.

Vadim Skibitsky

In a conversation with journalist Anzhelika Rudenko, a representative of Ukraine’s military intelligence said that the Kremlin dictator did not want to give up his position and abandon plans, so, according to analysts, the war will be long.

Vadim Skibitsky also said that since May in the Kherson region, the Russian army is building several lines of defense, bypassing bridges and roads. Russia has already used 60% of its stockpiles of high-precision weapons. Stocks are depleted, so they got old Soviet ammunition. Russian ships do not come close to the Ukrainian shores after the destruction of the cruiser “Moscow” and VDK “Saratov”.

The fact that Russia plans to stay in the south of Ukraine for a long time is evidenced by the Russian army deploying a powerful group in the occupied territories. It is a combined group that includes land, air, and sea components. They created a logistics system using the captured railways, ports and airfields.

He doesn’t trust anyone, he doesn’t hear anyone. He has his own plans for restoring the Russian Empire, he said. Foreign leaders tried to persuade him, there were attempts to persuade the political beau monde, representatives of the Russian economic bloc, the oligarchs, but they failed. The war he wants to wage will be long-lasting. This is a man who does not want to give up his positions

Vadim Skibitsky

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