Defence Intelligence: Total control of conscripts is introduced in the Russian Federation, limiting their civil rights

The Russian Federation is creating a single electronic database of conscripts. For this purpose, all valid military registration documents and existing archives of military commissions are digitized. The project’s main goal is to create an automated system of accounting and control of persons subject to mobilization. Upon completion of the development of the system, it will be combined with the databases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (for the control of documents for departure abroad), the “Migrant” system (for the registration of non-residents and those who want to change their citizenship), DIBDR (control of owners and users of vehicles), Roscadastre, Rosregistra, TIN and even client bases of mobile operators.

Once put into operation, this system will allow total control over conscripts who do not live at the place of registration. This guarantees that they will receive summonses even if physical contact is impossible – in the form of SMS messages, e-mails, and messages from social networks. After that, all of them will be required to appear at the specified times at the registration points.

The possibility for conscripts to leave the territory of the Russian Federation without special permission will be completely closed. They will also be limited in their ability to use state services. If necessary, bank accounts, access to payment systems or even pension savings can be blocked for persons subject to mobilization. Employers will be informed that certain actions must be taken against those who avoid mobilization.

The system should be operational by early February 2023.

At the same time, in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, the occupiers introduced military registration of men aged 17 to 65. Regardless of the consent of a specific person, all of them are, by default, declared “citizens of the Russian Federation” who are subject to conscription. They are prohibited from leaving their place of residence except for “evacuation” deep into the occupied territories.

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