Defence Intelligence: Ukraine continues to liberate the occupied territories and believes in increased support from Germany

The successes of the Ukrainian Defense Forces in conducting a counteroffensive operation unite European political forces. Especially in Germany. On September 14, the Federal Government of Germany will listen for the report of German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock on her visit to Ukraine. During which obviously, the issue of increasing military and military-technical assistance to Ukraine will be raised. After all, this will help to continue the successful counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Defense Forces and liberate the territories captured by the Russian Federation.

Today, these issues are being resolved in close cooperation with the Ukrainian side. First of all, we are talking about air defense systems, tanks and BMPs of German production.

There is an important departure from the scheme of “circular exchange” (with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe) and the transition to direct supplies of weapons to Ukraine from the stocks of the German Armed Forces and military-industrial complex enterprises. After all, Ukraine is most in need of the latest weapons, not just the transfer of old models of equipment produced by the USSR.

Ukraine highly values ​​Germany’s help and believes in further cooperation in the direction of rearmament and protection of the common European home from Russian aggression.

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