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Main War — Defence Intelligence: Ukrainian military intelligence is among the priority areas of funding by USA


Defence Intelligence: Ukrainian military intelligence is among the priority areas of funding by USA

22 May, 2022
Defence Intelligence: Ukrainian military intelligence is among the priority areas of funding by USA

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According to Oksana Markarova's message, US President Joseph Biden has signed a law on additional appropriations for Ukraine in 2022, which provides nearly $ 40 billion in emergency funding to support the Ukrainian people.

Notably, President Biden did not sign it after returning from an official visit to Korea but arranged for the document to be delivered and signed to Korea to expedite the signing because time and continuity of support are crucial for Ukraine!

The long-awaited document envisages directing resources to Ukraine itself and to protecting global democracy in general.

$ 23.75 billion It is planned to focus on security and defense assistance to Ukraine and US efforts to strengthen European security. In particular:

  • 6 billion dollars - the Initiative to Promote the Security of Ukraine, including the Provision of Arms, Military Equipment, Training, Logistical Support to Logistics, Intelligence Support to the Defense and Security Forces of Ukraine;
  • 4 billion dollars - the US State Department's Foreign Military Funding Program to further support Ukraine and NATO's eastern flank countries in building and strengthening their defense capabilities;
  • 8.7 billion dollars - to replenish US stockpiles of weapons and military equipment provided to Ukraine (this article allows to allocate of up to $ 8 billion through the mechanism of presidential drawdowns;
  • 3.9 billion dollars "European Operations Support Command, Intelligence Support, Additional Arms and Equipment."
  • 550 million dollars - to acquire critical ammunition to increase the US Department of Defense's stockpiles and to develop protection strategies for systems identified for possible future exports;
  • 600 million dollars - to reduce the existing limitations of the industrial base to accelerate the production of missiles and expand the capacity to extract critical minerals.

$ 9 billion - for additional economic and technical assistance to Ukraine, namely:

  • 8 billion dollars - to respond to urgent needs in Ukraine, including providing direct budget support;
  • 400 million dollars - to support law enforcement agencies and ensure the rule of law in Ukraine, in particular, to investigate and document war crimes and human rights violations;
  • 100 million dollars - to provide protection against the effects of chemical, biological and nuclear threats and to expand demining programs;
  • 500 million dollars - to support the EBRD in meeting Ukraine's economic and energy needs.

$ 6.58 billion - additional humanitarian aid to address food security at the global level, as well as assistance to people affected by Russia's aggression against Ukraine:

  • 350 million dollars - to provide humanitarian aid to refugees from Ukraine;
  • 4.35 billion dollars - to provide food aid to people around the world suffering from hunger due to Russia's war against Ukraine, as well as to meet other urgent humanitarian needs of the population in Ukraine;
  • 150 million dollars - to help countries, including Ukraine, to mitigate the impact of rising food prices;
  • 900 million dollars - to assist refugees from Ukraine in the United States, including for living, learning English, post-traumatic support, schooling, etc .;
  • 760 million dollars - to prevent and respond to global food threats;
  • 54 million dollars - to provide medical care for refugees from Ukraine in the United States;
  • 20 million dollars - for additional humanitarian aid.

It also provides funding for US Department of State measures to seize and sell the confiscated property (such as Russian oligarchs' yachts) related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine ($ 67 million), and the US Treasury Department to monitor Russian financial activity ($ 52 million). And the resumption of the US embassy in our country ($ 327 million).

We thank the President of the United States, the Administration, the Senate and the House of Representatives, and all American taxpayers for their assistance to Ukraine

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