Demining “Chongar”: the Minister of Defense told how the Russians got to the Kherson region

The head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, explained how the Russian military could reach the Kherson region and occupy it so quickly and that Ukraine, after winning the war with Russia, will investigate who demined Chongar and the bridges on the Crimean isthmus.

This is stated in his interview with “Ukrainian Pravda”.

When asked whether the demining decision was a civil decision made through the government, Reznikov denied it. According to him, the journalists were “misled”. He emphasized that adopting a decision on mining and demining does not concern the competence of civil authorities because it is a military issue.

“Ukrainian Pravda” noted that, perhaps, the authorities have time to investigate so as not to return to this issue at all, to which Reznikov noted that it will be conducted already after the victory. Because during the war, “everyone will have his own truth”.

“This issue was discussed at a meeting of a specialized parliamentary committee. I was there together with General Zaluzhny, our commander-in-chief, and the Chief of the General Staff, General Shaptala. Our military officials explained the following: an appropriate investigation will be conducted after the victory. And suppose the fact is established that someone from the military or a representative of other forces of the security and defence sector has committed a crime. In that case, they will certainly be brought to justice.” – noted the head of the Ministry of Defense.

He assured that the military clearly understands that this is their issue, and they are interested in conducting such an investigation.

In defense of the Ukrainian military, he said the following: Everyone who shouts “Everything is lost, the bridge was not blown up!”, listen first of all to the military! And they will tell you that there are 10 more passages from Crimea by land, not by bridges! Therefore, blowing up the bridge would not affect the Russians’ ability to advance in this direction. This was said responsibly by one of the military generals, who is now in the political opposition, I heard it from him for the first time,” Reznikov said.

That is, as he believes, the blowing up of the bridge did not affect the ability of the Russians to advance in the direction of the Kherson region and occupy its territory.

“Secondly, if you remember, in the first days of Kyiv, there was a Russian armored personnel carrier on Obolon. Just as there were Buryat tanks on the approaches to Brovary. From Brovary to Kyiv – within easy reach. Should the Metro bridge have been blown up? Need. But what would society say today?! “Why were the bridges blown up? There are no bridges over the Dnipro!”? The logic is like this,” stated Reznikov.