Denys Shmyhal outlined 9 main directions of the Government’s work amid a full-scale war

The Government has developed 9 main directions of how the country will live, work, accumulate resources, defend itself in a full-scale war. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal during a Government meeting on March 29.

“The first key point is Army as the Topmost Issue. It means providing the defense forces with everything necessary. Cash payments, weapons, equipment, food, fuel, development of the military-industrial complex. All resources are primarily directed to the defense forces”, the Head of Government said.

The second direction, according to the Prime Minister is Food Security. We have formed strategic food stocks for several years ahead in Ukraine. Strategic food stocks are formed for several years ahead in Ukraine, farmers are provided with assistance, a program of free distribution of key social products in frontline cities was launched.

The third direction is the New Economic Policy. As the Head of Government stressed, such measures as drastic reduction of taxes, complete deregulation for business, abolition of import VAT and import duties will have a strong effect and should restart the economy.

“The fourth is ePidtrymka and social assistance programs. In March we have conducted indexation of pensions, and in April – in the regions where hostilities are taking place, pensions are paid in advance. We cover all the social benefits. Under the ePidtrymka program the Government has paid UAH 6,500 to those who lost their jobs. 3.5 million citizens have already received such assistance”, Denys Shmyhal underscored.

Apart from that, the Government has launched a You Are at Home, or assistance to IDPs programme. hose families who host displaced citizens will get assistance while paying their utility bills, i.e. UAH 450 per each person.

“Separately, the state will pay monthly to IDPs UAH 2,000 for adults and UAH 3,000 for children or people with disabilities. We will pay UAH 6,500 to a business hiring a displaced person as a partial salary compensation for this person”, Denys Shmyhal stressed.

The sixth direction is the Energy Front. Denys Shmyhal dwelled on that the country hascompletely cut off from the energy networks of Russia and Belarus and joined the European energy system ENTSO-E. According to him, all types of generation operate. Coal reserves are in storage facilities. We have pumped up 9 billion cubic meters of gas in storage. Apart from that, Ukraine has reached agreements h with European refineries to provide the country with fuel.

“The seventh direction is Wartime Logistics. The Ukrzaliznytsia JSC has become one of the major companies for the state. Thousands of tons of cargo and hundreds of thousands of people are transported on daily basis. Separate logistics routes have been opened for motor transport. We are building new warehouses on the western border, and we also plan to open new checkpoints there in the near future”, the Head of Government underscored.

The Prime Minister also named other directions:

“World Stands with Ukraine” and “Restoration of Ukraine”.

Denys Shmyhal expressed hope that the support of the partners will be demonstrated not just in words, but we will really see what a united Europe is, what a united world around Ukraine is.

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