Deoccupied Vysokopillya is destroyed by 80%

270 residents remain in the village.

Vysokopillya in the Kherson region, liberated from the invaders, was destroyed by 80%.

This was announced by the chairman of the Kherson regional military administration Yaroslav Yanushevich in Telegram.

“270 residents remain in the village. Due to constant shelling, it is impossible to either restore electricity and water supply or return hospitals, pharmacies and shops to work. Now the regional authorities are working to restore electricity, water, and heating,” he said.

According to Yanushevich, yesterday, the residents of Vysokopillya received humanitarian aid – food and building materials for housing restoration.

  • On September 5, the Ukrainian military published the first video from the village of Vysokopillya, Kherson region, liberated from Russian invaders – the Ukrainian Armed Forces entered it the day before, on September 4.
  • Subsequently, terrorist Igor Strelkov-Girkin confirmed that Ukrainian soldiers had liberated Vysokopillya, Kherson region. According to him, there was a “sensitive tactical failure.”
  • As Vladislav Nazarov, spokesman for the operational command “South”, noted, after the Ukrainian military liberated the village of Vysokopillya in the Kherson region, the Russian invaders stepped up aerial reconnaissance.

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