Development of border logistics: repair of the road to the border with Moldova has been completed

15 kilometers of highway T-16-27 checkpoint “Serpneve” – ​​Tarutyne – Artsyz – Sarata were repaired by the forces of road workers.

In particular, on 5 kilometers of the continuous section, the restoration of the road surface was completed, and on the rest – work on eliminating its destruction and deformations. All 15 kilometers were marked.

Previously, Ukravtodor had already carried out repair work on other sections of the T-16-27 road: in front of the city of Artsyz and the border village of Serpneve.

In general, the completed works allow ensuring proper passage from the exit from the M-15 highway Odessa — Reni near the village of Sarata to the T-16-27 highway and to the border with Moldova.

Developing border infrastructure on the border with Moldova, in particular checkpoints, railways, and roads, is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Reconstruction.

It is caused by the need to develop alternative logistics routes for exporting Ukrainian products and the growing dynamics of trade between Ukraine and Moldova. In particular, in 2022, the turnover between the states exceeded 1 billion dollars, which is 9% more than in 2021.

To strengthen this trend, the railway section Berezyne (Ukraine) – Basarabyaska (Moldova) was updated already this year, and work is also underway to increase the capacity of automobile checkpoints.

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