“Did you want another Srebrenica?” Mikhaylo Podolyak about Bucha massacre

Mikhaylo Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Presidential Chamber, addressed the European leaders very harshly, accompanying his post with photographs of Ukrainians tortured in Bucha.

After all, according to our European partners, the main thing is not to provoke the Russians? (a cruel irony). The main thing is that the Third World War does not start? The main thing is that the Russians do not get offended and do not use … What did they not use? Missiles, air bombs, tanks did not massacre civilians, bombard residential areas, mass executions as in concentration camps? What haven’t they used yet?

As a result, the world received a total indescribable horror of anti-humanity in Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel. Hundreds, thousands of killed, torn to pieces, raped, bound, raped again and killed again. Hundreds, thousands of peaceful Ukrainian citizens. Killed with extraordinary brutality.

Very cool and omniscient yesterday’s and today’s “leaders of Europe”, hundreds of current European politicians, eating well and sleeping peacefully in their beds now, do you have a will to carefully look at this photo archive of hell-XXI, arranged by the Russians in the Kyiv region? Did you want another Srebrenica? In the 21st century?

Got it? Are you satisfied? Did you want to reincarnate Treblinka, encouraging the “Russian world”? Did you want to remember what the hellish horror of working crematoria is, burning people alive because they are Ukrainians? Are you trying to turn around again? Organize another summit to care and shake your head?

You can’t ban Russian literature in European universities – is that so inhumane?

Once again, carefully look at the thousands of torn to pieces, raped, burned Ukrainians. In the XXI century. As part of the “special operation”. Torn to pieces by the RUSSIAN. And now once again tell the whole world that the Russian Federation is normal, this is business, that Rachmaninoff should not be banned. Look and tell. Or turn away. The main thing is not to provoke. And let them massively slaughter Ukrainians…