Direct investment projects of Shanghai in Ukraine in telecommunications, energy and agriculture sectors

Shanghai is developing a number of projects in Ukraine in the agro-industrial sector and foresees prospects for cooperation in energy, infrastructure, agriculture, according to the Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce Zhu Yi.

We now have six direct investment projects of Shanghai in Ukraine worth $17 million, related to agriculture, forestry, livestock and fisheries. The total volume of contracts that Shanghai concludes in Ukraine reaches $897 million, of which $278 million are related to telecommunications, development and gas production, drilling projects.

Zhu Yi, Kyiv Investment Forum 2021, on September 10

According to the Chinese official, the trade turnover between Shanghai and Ukraine in 2020 amounted to CNY 4.6 billion.

I think cooperation between our countries can be mutually beneficial. The better we develop trade and exchange of investments, the more it will create opportunities for innovation and cooperation in energy, agriculture, infrastructure construction, manufacturing of industrial goods and other sectors.