Disinformation and manipulative campaigns in the occupied regions

Center for Countering Disinformation explains about disinformation and manipulative campaigns taking place in the temporarily occupied regions:

Collaborators spread fake, as if 100 thousand inhabitants of Zaporizhzhya applied for citizenship of russian

Collaborator k. stremousov said that all children born in the Kherson region after February 24 will automatically receive russian citizenship

Pushylin claims that the so-called The DNR may become part of russia as a separate republic

Propagandists spread fake that civilian exit from Azot plant in Severodonetsk was disrupted by Ukrainian Armed Forces

The occupiers spread information that in 28 hospitals of Kharkiv, the Ukrainian military placed MLRS and artillery

AR Crimea:
The Crimean spokesman V. Konstantinov proposed renaming the Franko Library in Simferopol in honor of the russian thinker Nikolai Danilevsky. He has lived in the Crimea in recent years and wrote the book «russia and Europe»

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