Dmitry Oreshkin: Putin chose the most direct path to disaster

The expert called the starting point, from which the President of the Russian Federation began to lose.

The head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, before Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, was sure he was right and would win. Now he brazenly lies and feels his loss.

Russian political scientist Dmitry Oreshkin said this on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“I think he is a loser in strategic terms because he chose the country’s development strategy that leads to a dead end. He went along the Soviet rails, restoring the Soviet vertical, forgetting where these rails lead,” Oreshkin said.

From the time when Putin began to destroy the state institutions of the Russian Federation, parliamentarism, free press, and independent courts, it became clear that he would lead the country to a dead end. As soon as the president of Russia began to pretend to be a leader, it became clear that the country was headed for a dead end.

“And in this sense, he is a strategic loser. He chose the wrong pocket, if you can call it a billiard term. Of course, no one believed me before, because the idea that Russia was rising from its knees dominated. But it seemed obvious to me that Putin was offering a development model that does not arouse interest among modern peoples,” Oreshkin noted.

Putin, according to the expert, advocates the so-called Slavic Russian world. According to the dictator and his entourage, Belarus and Ukraine are the only people.

“In fact, this is not so. Normal peoples move along the European system of values because it is more interesting, richer, more diverse, it is more attractive in terms of technology, scientific, and whatever else development wants. But Putin, as a representative of the Chekist class, wants to live in “Because these Chekists were then the masters of the country, the Chekists and the party nomenklatura compete with each other. As soon as he made this choice, it became clear that he would drive the country into a dead end,” the political scientist shared his opinion.

As a result, Putin lost, because he led the state not just into a dead end, but onto a bloody path to inevitable disaster.

“Putin chose the most direct path to disaster. And this is also natural. If, under Yeltsin and Gorbachev, the huge inefficient economic model of the country collapsed peacefully, relatively peacefully, not without bloodshed, but with a minimum compared to what is happening now, then Putin decided to return the Soviet realities and made this collapse even more inevitable and much more bloody. And now, of course, he’s a loser. He was going to defend himself against NATO but received 1,000 kilometers of border with NATO countries. He was going to raise the “Russian peace”, but he made it toxic. I was going to increase the number of Russian citizens but reduced it. He was going to raise the prestige of Russian weapons, but he dropped them as deeply as ever,” Oreshkin said.

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