Don’t F*ck with Ukraine: Max Barskih dedicated a new song to the Armed Forces and the people’s resistance

The single premiered at a European distributor. “Don’t fuck with Ukraine” is a soundtrack in support of the fighting spirit of the Ukrainian people, which became the quintessence of the main phrases during the war.

Max Barskikh is a Ukrainian singer and songwriter. Winner of the Best Ukrainian Performer award according to the MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 and MUZ-TV in the Breakthrough of the Year category (2012), the most rotated artist on the air of Ukraine in 2011.

Music and lyrics performed by Max Barskikh, he writes himself. He is one of the few pop stars in Ukraine who creates high-quality music with an ultra-modern sound.

According to Barskih, after the lyrical military lullaby “There will be spring“, the singer wanted to create such an international track that will show the strength of Ukrainians to the world. Therefore, in addition to verses in English, special attention is drawn to Ukrainian folklore, written without censorship but with elements of humor, which Max managed to record in Lviv.

“Many people did not believe in Ukraine from the very beginning and thought that our people would break down and our army would not be strong and courageous enough. However, for the third month in a row, our state is heroically fighting the Russian invasion. And this precedent is changing not only our country but the whole world. Our example is designed to infect other nations,” said Max.

Barskih’s new song is dedicated to the Ukrainian military, whose honor and courage impress the singer personally. It also concerns the popular resistance, thanks to which the world is witnessing the birth of a united force of Ukraine.

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