DP World ready to compete digital battle with carriers and forwarders: launch of CARGOES Logistics

CARGOES Logistics is DP World’s new digital logistics platform, which will make many middlemen in the freight business shudder.

DP World, founded in 2005 by the merger of Dubai Ports International and the Dubai Ports Authority, has evolved from an operator to a global container integrator.

With CARGOES Logistics, customers can choose from multimodal logistics options, ship freight by sea, road and / or rail, receive instant quotes, fast booking confirmation and multiple secure payment options.

The new service will offer easy and fast booking of cargo from the point of departure to the point of destination. The first phase of the solution to be launched from India to multiple destinations across the Middle East, Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, the Far East and North Africa, and UAE to India – with plans to roll out globally.

CARGOES Logistics aims to address complexities and inefficiencies that exist in global supply chains including multiple handovers, inefficient tracking and limited visibility of a shipment across the supply chain.

DP World

DP World has significantly expanded its activities. Today, in addition to an extensive global port network, it controls a fleet of container ships including brands such as Unifeeder, Transworld Feeders, Feedertech and Perma Shipping, making it one of the 15 largest carriers in the world.

The new digital solution will simplify the container shipping experience providing visibility across all modes of transportation through smart enablement of IOT based solutions. We will continue to invest in technology and work with our customers to drive innovation, continually add new products & features and provide solutions to meet their global logistics needs.

Rizwan Soomar, CEO & MD, Subcontinent, DP World

This shows that DP World is becoming an increasingly important player in the multi-faceted battlefield of the logistics market. It’s a competitive battle.

Lars Jensen, CEO of Vespucci Maritime consulting company.