During a new wave of shelling by the Russians, one rocket landed on the territory of Moldova

During the massive shelling of Ukraine by Russia, a rocket fell on the territory of Moldova. There was an incident in the Briceni district. This is confirmed by the country’s Ministry of Defense press service on its Facebook page.

Information about who fired the rockets – Russians or the Air Defense Forces of Ukraine – is currently unknown.

“Recently, a rocket was discovered in an orchard near Briceni. The border police patrol discovered the explosive object,” the Ministry of Defense said. “The border police increased patrolling and the level of attention in the area of ​​the Briceni and Ocnița inspectorates.”

The statement of the Ministry of Defense also said that the scene of the incident had already been surrounded by the police and the border patrol. Now they are waiting for the arrival of specialized services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Bombteh and IGSU.

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