Elon Musk’s Starlink raises tariffs for Ukrainians

For Ukrainian users, starting from December 29, the monthly subscription fee will increase from 60 to 75 dollars.

Elon Musk’s Starlink company has increased the cost of the monthly subscription fee for using the Starlink satellite Internet service in different countries, including Ukraine.

Ukrainian users were informed about the increase in the tariff in the mailing list by email. The new price will automatically take effect from December 29 – now Ukrainians will be asked not for $60, but for $75 per month, or UAH 2,800.

At the same time, according to updated data on the company’s website, Starlink terminals have also risen in price. If before they cost $600, now you need to pay $700. Naturally, the rise in prices will not bypass Ukrainian users either.

Recall that in the seventh month of a full-scale Russian invasion, Elon Musk’s company lowered the price of satellite Internet from Starlink for Ukraine and a number of other countries.

So, for Ukrainian users, the discount was about 40 percent, the subscription price was reduced from $100 to $60. Now, apparently, the tariff has been raised again as part of a worldwide price review.