Equipment for maternity hospital was bought thanks to second-hand clothes

On the last days of 2020, special equipment for premature babies was transferred to the Odessa maternity hospital No. 2. It was presented to the neonatal department, the equipment helps the doctors to take care of the newborn children with the weight from 500 grams.

The equipment was bought with money from the sale of unnecessary clothes. Odessans brought these clothes and handed them over to special containers “Clothes that help”.

And then the team sorted it out and sold the best ones in the “DobroButik” store.

In September, thanks to these projects, a special lamp for surgical interventions was replaced in the operating room of the Odessa Regional Hospital for children. Before that, they had a 1965 lamp.

The Founder of the project Anna Podoprigora close to the “Clothes that Help” container

“Clothes that help” is a service that helps residents of Odessa get rid of unnecessary clothes. For two years they collect clothes, shoes and accessories in containers, donate it to the charity, sell it and process it. With the proceeds, the project have already purchased equipment for Odessa hospitals for more than a million hryvnias.

Source: Culturemeter