Estonia banned the return to the country of Russians who fought against Ukraine

Citizens of the Russian Federation can leave the state, but if they participate in hostilities, they will not be able to return.

Estonia does not restrict the exit of Russians. But if the citizens of the Russian Federation go home, fall under mobilization and go to fight in Ukraine, then they will not be able to go back.

According to the ERR portal, the relevant information was received from the Deputy Head of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior, Veiko Kommusaar.

Estonia has not imposed restrictions on citizens of the Russian Federation who want to leave Estonia. However, if we find out that they went to war [in Ukraine], then they will not be able to enter Estonia again.

Veiko Kommusaar

Estonia took such a step against the background of the announced mobilization in Russia. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense decided to put the troops on high alert in Lithuania. The state considers the increase in the size of the Russian army as a potential threat.

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