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Ewa Puszczyńska: I’m really very happy with myself

07 May, 2020
Ewa Puszczyńska: I’m really very happy with myself

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An interview with Ewa Puszczyńska, Polish film producer, the founder of Extreme Emotions, a lecturer at leading Polish film schools and the Head of the Jury at Odessa International Film Festival 2018

Which art you feel it closer to you: cinema, literature, painting, music?
All of them, because when you work in cinema, and I work in cinema – I’m film producer, cinema is related to all forms of art you just mentioned – it includes painting, music, etc, so I guess all of them.

A film character whom you would have liked to resemble to?
No one, I always wanted to be myself

If you were born again, whom would you like to be?
Myself. I’m really very happy with myself

Tell us something you did, that you are very proud of?
I recently did two films that I’m very proud of, one of them won an Oscar; and I’m also very proud of my family

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Ida won the 2015 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, becoming the first Polish film to do so

One experience of your life that you would not like to repeat?
I wouldn’t like to repeat myself being sick, I was quite seriously sick years ago, when I was young teenager and I remember it very well, I definitely wouldn’t like to repeat that

Say something rewarding to somebody of your everyday life, that you never had the courage or time to tell him/her?
I always do, either it’s "I love you" or "I don’t like you" behavior. So I don’t think there’s someone I would like to say something.

What would you appreciate people say about you?
That I am honest and open-minded and that I’m nice

Is there a song that you never get bored of listening?
Well, actually, maybe “never” is a strong word, but recently , in the last two years probably, my brain was constantly re-playing a song from a film called “War”. I was literally waking up with this song playing in my brain and yestersay I watched the film and still I really enjoyed listening to that song.

In case of nuclear cataclysm, is there a book or a movie you would save?
I don’t know if I would think about saving a book or a film, I would probably think about how to save people I love..and also, we as people we have memories, so if we save memories we can later restore the knowledge of how to make films and how to make books and then things can get back to normal, so I would save people.

A journey or experience that you would like to do, but never had the time or courage to do?
Em, you know, I would like to live in a foreign country, because I travelled a lot but never really lived in a foreign country, so I would love to do all those things people usually do – I would love to work as a cleaner or a waitress, and if it’s a country with a foreign language – I would have to find myself and learn the language – kind of like come and start life from zero. That’s what I want to experience. I promised myself before I day I would try to do that – at least for half a year try to live in a different country (China, Japan, Israel or one of the Arab countries where I don’t know the language and don’t read the letters) . Because here – I don’t speak Ukrainian but I can read the letters and I can understand so it’s different – here I feel more like home.

They will publish a book on your life. Which will be the title?
That’s an interesting question. I guess it would be just my name – EVA.

A dream of yours not yet come true…
To work with Mads Mikkelsen . I’d like to make a film with Mads Mikkelsen – the Danish actor. I consider myself a lucky person – I don’t have big dreams, I have a happy life: I’m fulfilled as a woman, and I’m fulfilled in my profession. I always had small dreams that I implemented in life, so I’m a happy person, all of my dreams are quite fulfilled.

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