Ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania urged Ukraine to give its lands to the Russian Federation and three neighbours

Such statements are unacceptable under any circumstances, the Ukrainian embassy said.

Photo: Mediafax

Former Romanian Foreign Minister Andrei Marga, who positions himself as a political scientist, during the presentation of the book “The Fate of Democracy,” said that Ukraine should cede territory to Russia and its three neighbors.

This is reported by the Digi24 website.

“We are in an absolutely exceptional situation, and I say with all responsibility that Ukraine is within unnatural borders. It must cede the territories of Hungary (Transcarpathia), Poland (Galicia), Romania (Bukovina), and Russia (Donbas and Crimea). These are the territories of other countries,” he said.

Marga added that at present, the conflict could only be resolved through negotiations with Russia mediated by America, Germany, and China.

Moreover, Marga said that in Ukraine, “we are not talking about democracy”: “There is still a long way to democracy. Parties are banned there, and television is controlled by one of them. Some very wealthy people leave the country with money. The country, from which people leave with money, with everything, cannot be either democratic or developed.”

In turn, the Ukrainian embassy in Romania replied that such statements are unacceptable under any circumstances: “They are a particularly egregious violation at a time when Ukraine is heroically defending its independence and the security of all of Europe.”

“We regret that the former minister of the European democratic state, Marga, is making statements that question the basic principles of international law, especially the inviolability of borders. Full respect for these principles is the basis of security and stability on the continent,” the diplomats said.

  • Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Romania has been helping Ukraine in the military and humanitarian spheres. On August 23, Bucharest handed over another tranche of ammunition and spare parts for military equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, during a visit to Kyiv in June, said that Ukraine and its citizens could count on the Romanian government and people for as long as they need.

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