Exhibition “Rose of Chumatsky Shlyakhiv”

The ox is a friend of man: Odessa residents are invited to the Odessa Museum of History and Local Lore for the “Rose of Chumatsky Shlyakhiv”.

Until February 1, in the exhibition hall of the Odessa Museum of History and Local Lore (Lanzheronovskaya, 24/a), you can see the exhibition “Rose of Chumatsky Shlyakhiv” dedicated to the mysterious Chumaks: Ukrainian pilgrims, knights of dusty steppe roads. It would seem that the prosaic craft is the delivery of salt, but without a pinch of this very salt life is insipid, and our ancestors carried it on ox-drawn carts, fighting off robbers along the way, singing poetic songs and orienting themselves by the stars.

The curator of the project, teacher of Greek, Viktor Gomanyuk, united the works of adult artists-mentors and young students, as well as students of the Odessa Children’s Art School No. 2. The head Zhanna Barkar taught the children the folk technique “vitinanka”, when whole pictures are cut out of a folded sheet of paper. The sheet unfolds, glued onto a contrasting background and becomes a painting. Sasha Medvedeva, Masha Ryabokon, Kirill Korobchinsky and other guys have masterfully learned to carve oxen, chumaks, and carts.

There are drawings by young artists from the Kodymshchyna region (Nikolina Ruzyuk, Lyuba Krivoruchko and other authors are worthy of the highest praise), figures of Chumaks made of twisted dry leaves (floristic technique) and two hollowed out and painted pumpkins-tarakuts, in them it was convenient to take water with you …

The exhibition has already managed to travel around the Odessa region – since 2016 Gomanyuk has been arranging “Kodyma-fest”, contacts have been established. Now the project is becoming the mascot of the local history museum, and this should bring good luck. In the Year of the Ox, the image of the hardworking Ox, man’s friend and helper, should be seen as often as possible. Agree, the patroness of the Year of the Mouse, which you and I have the honor to live out, evokes completely different emotions …

Source and pictures: Dumskaya.net

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