Experts proved that Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine

The New Lines Institute and the Raoul Wallenberg Center have done extensive work on studying the Rohingya and Uyghur genocides, including the first report defining genocide in Xinjiang using the 1948 Genocide Convention. Having already profound experience in this direction, scientists again gathered to determine the actions of Russia in Ukraine during the military invasion.

Three groups of experts were assembled to evaluate the subject. They included a team of legal scholars and genocide experts, a second team of open-source intelligence investigators, and linguists who were able to draw on the vast primary source already created by this war—intercepts and evidence.

The report’s conclusions are based on evidence of massacres of civilians, forced deportations, and anti-Ukrainian rhetoric by Russian officials, politicians, and journalists, including Putin’s words that Ukraine, in his opinion, has no right to exist as an independent state.

This report rightly concludes that Russia is responsible as a state for violations of Article II and Article III (c) of the UN Genocide Convention. The report also concludes that there is undoubtedly a grave risk of genocide, and therefore states have an obligation to prevent it in accordance with Article I of the Genocide Convention.

Photo: AP /Efrem Lukatsky

Article II defines genocide as follows: Acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group as such:

a) killing members of such a group;
b) causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of such a group;
c) deliberate creation for any group of such conditions of life, which are calculated for its complete or partial physical destruction;
d) measures designed to prevent childbearing among such a group;
e) forcible transfer of children from one human group to another.

Article III defines punishable acts:

a) genocide;
b) conspiracy to commit genocide;
c) direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
d) attempted genocide;
f) complicity in genocide.

Copies of the report will be sent for review to parliaments and governments of all world countries.
You can download the full report from this link.

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