Export credit agencies signed cooperation for trade and foreign investment in Poland and Ukraine

Export Credit Agency – ECA (Ukraine) and export credit agency KUKE S.A. (Poland) signed a memorandum of cooperation to support and facilitate trade and foreign investment between Poland and Ukraine.

According to the memorandum, companies can propose joint projects, hold meetings and exchange general information on business development, new products, structural changes, country policies and insurance standards.

Ukraine is becoming an increasingly important economic partner for Poland: it ranks third among the largest Polish export destinations covered by KUKE and is still growing dynamically. The agreement recently signed by our agencies will allow exporters from both countries to cooperate, including under joint projects in third markets. At the same time, the agreement gives KUKE an opportunity to share with our Ukrainian partner 30 years of export support experience, becoming an important factor in the stable economic development of Ukraine.

Janusz Władyczak, President and Managing Director of KUKE

ECA is an agency authorised by the government, the purpose of which is to stimulate the export of Ukrainian goods and services, and the main task is to protect Ukrainian exporters from the risk of non-payment and financial losses associated with the implementation of foreign economic agreements (contracts) through insurance, reinsurance and collateral.

KUKE S.A. was established in 1991 by the State Treasury of Poland to support the export activities of Polish enterprises. As the official export credit agency of Poland, KUKE is authorised to provide export insurance with the support of the state treasury, helping Polish companies to develop abroad. KUKE currently operates in 120 export markets.

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