Families of Russian soldiers who died in Ukraine are sent funerals on Soviet blanks of 1974

Human rights activist Marina Litvinovich posted on her Telegram channel a photograph of the death notices received by relatives of Russian servicemen killed in Ukraine. These forms were printed in the Soviet Union – in 1974. They are a “document” giving the right to apply for the appointment of pensions and benefits established by the legislation of the USSR, writes Litvinovich.

  • According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, by August 11, the Russian army’s loss in Ukraine was about 43,000 servicemen. At the end of July, CIA director William Burns said that Russia’s losses could be 15,000 killed and about 45,000 wounded. The Pentagon on August 8 estimated Russian casualties at 70,000-80,000.
  • Russia has officially reported its military losses twice since the invasion of Ukraine. On March 2, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced 498 dead and 1,597 wounded; on March 25, 1,351 dead and 3,825 wounded.

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