Famous Odessa artist prepares his second artwork for the “Burning Man” festival (Nevada, USA)

Odessa sculptor Alexander Milov, who was the first Ukrainian to bring a sculpture to the Burning Man festival and became the winner, prepares sketches for the festival 2022.

In 2015, Alexander’s work shocked the whole world, appearing in the Black Rock Desert in the USA, Nevada, as part of the Burning Man annual international contemporary art festival.

The interest in sculpture was enormous – all over the world they even got tattoos based on a giant art object created in Odessa.

Now the Odessa sculptor is working on new sketches for Burning Man, which will take place next year. Alexander Milov is going to create an art car. He published several sketches.

So, here you can see references to Indian mythology, a cult horror movie and even imitation of sexual intercourse.

According to Alexander, the creation of each object will take about half a million euros.

Alexander presented the LOVE project at Burning Man – a man and a woman 7.5 meters tall and five-meter children.

The entire structure is 17.5 meters long, 5.5 meters wide and 7.5 meters high. It is interesting that the snapshot of the sculpture has already entered the school textbooks of Ukraine.

Now the sculpture is located in Odessa, in the village of Kotovsky – on Heroes of Odessa Defense Street near the Zvyozdny cinema. Alexander explains the choice of location simply, this particular area is the area of ​​his childhood.

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