The famous Ukrainian sculptor Milov will go to Burning Man festival for the second time

The Odessa sculptor Alexandr Milov plans to take part in the world famous festival Burning Man in the desert of Black Rock (Nevada, USA) for the second time. He will compete with an electric carriage fire-spitting for weddings.

Alexander Milov became famous in 2015 by installing the composition “Love” at the American festival Burning Man (now a copy of it can be seen near the former cinema “Zvezdny” in the village of Kotovsky, Odessa region). This time he wants to take a self-propelled carriage to the United States, which will spew out flames and serve as a place for wedding ceremonies for the day.

The carriage will be designed as an arch, a portal for newlyweds. The car has a DJ console, the sound power is 7 kilowatts. The car is 7 meters long, 4 meters high and 2.3 meters wide. The finished structure will weigh 3.5 tons. The car will have a propane burner with a gas jet. The crown on the roof will be spinning – it will, in fact, be a turbine for the release of burning gas, which will provide the most beautiful fire show.

Alexandr Milov

The carriage will run on a battery-powered electric motor, “like Tesla’s.” This part of the design was invented by Milov’s acquaintances from Nikolaev, who are engaged in the conversion of gasoline cars into electric cars. The maximum speed of the carriage is 8 km/h due to the speed limits in force at the festival.

According to the author of the self-propelled art object, almost all the details of the carriage will be of the original design and made especially for it. The only parts borrowed from other cars are the front and rear axles of the wheels. The front swivel was removed from a Gazelle, and the rear one was removed from a tractor.

Milov is assembling the carriage in his Odessa workshop and plans to complete it by the summer solstice on June 22. He hopes that by this time the epidemic situation in the world will improve, which will allow first to take the car to a festival in the United States, and then arrange a tour of Europe with it.

According to the author’s idea, during the eight days of the festival, 13 weddings should take place in the car. Almost every day there will be two ceremonies, morning and evening. Weddings will be informal, no one will register the marriage. The newlyweds will promise each other that their union will last one day, as a symbol of love and freedom.

We will announce a competition and collect stories of lovers about how they found each other. We will select several winning couples and arrange a wedding for them in their cities, where local DJs will play.

Alexandr Milov

During each ceremony, a party will take place around the car. A new DJ will play at every wedding. After the Burning man, the car should drive through several American cities. After this tour, they planned to transport the carriage to Europe and continue the same marriage trip around the cities. They will start in Portugal and move further east.

The laws that oblige people to be together are the deepest insanity.

Alexandr Milov

Source: Dumskaya.net

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