Feygin: Fearing Maidan on Red Square, Kremlin sends dissenters to “war with NATO”

Russian human rights activist and journalist Mark Feygin commented on the Putin regime’s threats against NATO and the likelihood of Russia’s war with the Alliance. He said this in an interview with TSN.ua.

Feigin stressed that the Russians are not ready to fight even in Ukraine.

“It’s really like dying, it’s not like driving a computer mouse in a game in some meta-universe,” says the lawyer.

According to him, the vast and vast majority of Russians are not ready to go to war with Ukraine as volunteers. But now in Russia, even collectors are forcing debtors to sign contracts with the Russian army.

“There is, of course, a part either semi-criminal or under loans, under debts, even among reservists, who are forced to go and choose this method to close debts. They even say that in the south of Russia collectors are doing this: “Do you have court debts? You can go, a salary of 200 thousands – three months and you covered everything.” And then we see by the composition that appears on the battlefield, it’s middle-aged people, above middle age. By the way, they lifted the age restrictions,” Feygin said.

The human rights activist believes that the Russian military command “just needs meat: meat against iron, who will win.” At the same time, the Kremlin is solving another dangerous problem: eliminating potential opponents of the regime.

“It’s very Russian – well, let’s put another thousand-two-three! This kind of accumulative mass is dangerous in case of any excitement inside the country – the same will be the first to go to the Kremlin. Well, here – we will put them. How many more there are – 10, 10, 30 thousand to put, so it’s a whole social doctrine – to dehydrate the male line so that there are no particular, charismatic types, so that they do not interfere in any case. In Ukraine, we can imagine what they will do in Russia,” the lawyer said.

Fagin is convinced that the statements about Russia’s war with NATO are just propaganda rhetoric.

“So what is the real war with NATO? They cannot defeat Ukraine! They said that Kyiv would be captured in 72 hours. NATO has 1,900,000 personnel. Who to fight, how are they going to fight? I do not really understand. This is nothing more than propaganda rhetoric. All they think of is thermonuclear war, and something they only boast about. If you launch a rocket, you will get 100. Well, you can launch a megaton rocket to Washington, New York, Paris, and in response, Russia will simply cease to exist together with the entire population of 140 million,” he concluded.

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