Mark Feygin warned of another war with Russia and named the reason

Moscow is ready to negotiate with Ukraine and is already rehearsing a big peace deal on its own terms. The implementation of such a plan could lead to another war.

In an interview with TSN, a Russian lawyer and opposition opinion maker Mark Feygin warned this.

According to him, Russia wants to use the “grain” agreements as a formal reason for the ceasefire.

Moscow is rehearsing for a big peace agreement, but it doesn’t care about grain. But above all, they want the “grain” agreement to become a reason for a ceasefire in the south, which means fixing the confrontation line as it is now. This is another way to force Kyiv to abandon its plans to de-occupy Kherson, in general, the entire right bank of the Dnieper.

Mark Feygin

The oppositionist urged not to trust the Kremlin.

You can never trust the Kremlin, under any circumstances. I have always been deceived. Always. 100%. And just because of this, the “grain” deals are a complete lie, in my opinion. I believe that these “grain” agreements will not work in favor of Kyiv.

Mark Feygin

He is confident that Russia will never back down from seizing all of Ukraine:

In which case, Moscow, having accumulated strength, reformatted, and produced the necessary amount of weapons, will again find a pretext and attack Ukraine again. If the consequence of this failure, let’s call it that for now, will not be the collapse of Russia itself, if the processes of the collapse of the very power of Russia do not begin.

Mark Feygin