Filmclub project by Rotary Club Odessa International

In Odessa in the humanitarian foundation Wayhome, children with difficult family relations are living for a period of time to recover from their daily problems.  They come from homes where parents are suffering from various diagnoses, like alcoholism, drug abuse and so on.

The children react to their difficulties in many different ways and, to help them to recover and improve their life, better social skills are needed.  Rotary Club Odessa International has, together with Wayhome foundation, created a Filmclub, with the goal of letting the children produce short videos based on their own ideas and, through participation in the Filmclub, improve their social skills.

In the weekly meetings children run the meeting, they switch the president and the secretary of the club for each meeting, so that they all get to try it. The president runs the meetings and the secretary makes sure minutes of the taken meeting. The rest of the children take part in work to develop scripts, make plans for shooting the video, acting and camera crew. But also these tasks are moved between the children from meeting to meeting, so they can get some experience from each of the many tasks involved when you make a movie.

One of our Rotary members in Odessa has practical experience from making movies in Ukraine and she does the practical training of the children, how to develop your ideas, how to write the scripts, how to plan the shooting of a scene and also teach them to act. Children are keen on learning and it is interesting to see how quickly they are improving their social skills and the work they deliver in the club.


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