First Lady presents several Ukrainian-language audio guides at world tourist attractions

First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska spoke about the launch of four audio guides in the Ukrainian language at world tourist attractions.

With the help of video communication, she participated in the launch of the Ukrainian audio guide in the Schönbrunn Palace. It has 1,441 rooms and a palace park and is one of Austria’s most important cultural heritage and the most visited tourist attraction in Vienna.

An audio guide in Ukrainian in Schönbrunn is another implementation of the President’s wife’s project to spread the Ukrainian language in museums and monuments of the world.

Zelenska is convinced that the full-scale Russian invasion of our country has made the initiative even more urgent.

“The most valuable thing for us is our people. They are Ukraine. We really would like our compatriots to feel the presence of the homeland, wherever they are staying. Ukraine and the civilized world share a common language – the language of art and culture. While Russia speaks the language of destruction, we speak the language of civilization and preservation of the most precious,” she said during a video broadcast from Kyiv.

The first lady thanked Director of Schönbrunn Group Klaus Panholzer, the Ministry of Labour of Austria and personally its head Martin Kocher, as well as the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Austria for the implementation of the project.

Also, these days, as part of Zelenska’s initiative, a Ukrainian audio guide became operational in the National Museum of the Czech Republic. Its launch was made possible thanks to the fruitful cooperation of the Czech National Museum, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic and the Dmytro Yavornytsky National Historical Museum in Dnipro. Audio guides in Ukrainian are available in Edinburgh Castle – a medieval fortress located on the Castle Rock in the capital of Scotland, and in the Immigration Museum of the State of São Paulo (Brazil). This museum is located in the immigrant dormitory building. It was opened to collect and preserve documents and memorabilia of people who arrived in Brazil. From 1882 to 1978, representatives of more than 60 nationalities, including Ukrainians, came to the city.

Zelenska said that the project to create Ukrainian audio guides will continue, because in the conditions of Russian aggression, this is no longer just a tourist option, but a civilization front where language and culture win.

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