Five proceedings against traitorous officials of Ukraine and nationalization of about 800 units of enemy’s railway transport

The State Bureau of Investigation continues to work for the country’s good! The work continues in different directions.

Among the main tasks of law enforcement are to open criminal proceedings for collaboration and treason to further bring the perpetrators to justice following Ukrainian law and international law.

Last day, 5 criminal proceedings were opened on the fact of treason (Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). We are talking, in particular, about the head of one of the district courts in the temporarily occupied territory and three employees of the Shchastie police station.

The State Bureau of Investigation warns all officials and law enforcement officers against cooperating with the Russian occupation forces and emphasizes the inevitability of severe punishment for such crimes. The short-term benefits of serving the occupiers will turn into shameful and prolonged imprisonment.

Also, operatives of the State Bureau of Investigation, together with other law enforcement agencies of the state are actively detecting the property of Russia and Belarus. In particular, in the Vinnytsia region, the forcible seizure of 757 railway cars in favor of the state was initiated.

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