Five products of Bessarabia were included in the Atlas “Ark of Taste of Ukraine”

These are Ritual breads for St. George’s Day, Wormwood wine, Black Sea South Bessarabian goat cheese, Fenugreek (Trigonélla procúmbens), Vilkovo Novak grapes.

This is a unique event for the region and for the whole country. “Ark of Taste of Ukraine” – Slow Food Ukraine project. The Atlas includes 60 Ukrainian products from different parts of the country, having passed a strict selection of experts.

This was evidenced by the rector of the Slow Food University of Gastronomy in Polenzo (Italy) Andrea Pieroni, and the head of the international Atlases project, Dauro Zocchi. The head of the expert council in Ukraine Olena Motuzenko, personally and a team of experts researched and prescribed dozens of points regarding the organoleptic, economic, social, and cultural significance of each product, breed, or plant variety!

Ritual breads for St. George’s Day

Why is this so important? Because these products get a second life. They will become local brands, objects of gastronomic heritage, gastronomic diplomacy and gastro tourism. The chefs of the Slow food Chefs Alliance will find new life for these products in their restaurants’ menu.

It will be recalled that the Ark of Taste is a Red Book for endangered types of gastronomic traditions and breeds, it was founded in 1996 in Italy. On April 15, an agreement was signed that with the University of Gastronomic Sciences Polenzo, the University of Venice and Shevchenko University in Ukraine would be created Ukrainian “Ark of Taste”.

Vilkovo Novak grapes

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