“For Putin, this is not a loss”: Oleg Zhdanov commented on the anniversary of 50 thousand killed Russian invaders

According to him, for Putin, the number of losses in the war against Ukraine does not matter, he needs a victory at any cost.

As of September 6, 2022, Ukrainian soldiers have already eliminated over 50 thousand invaders.

According to a military expert, Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in reserve Oleg Zhdanov, Russia is an empire; it cannot live in any other way: they do not care how many people die.

Zhdanov said that according to insider information, in the first week after the start of the Russian war against Ukraine, Shoigu tried to report to Putin about 7 or 9 thousand losses from the Russian troops at that time, to which the Kremlin dictator said: “30-50 thousand – these are not losses and the cost of victory far exceeds the cost of losses that we can suffer in this war.

And then, according to Zhdanov, there was a statement by Putin not to take into account the losses among civilians, and the Russian troops began to shell Ukrainian cities and towns actively.

“The empire cannot develop differently. Therefore, with the mobilization resource of the Russian Federation, somewhere around 17 million people, they are trying to solve their problems at any cost. The only thing holding them back is propaganda, which overpowered politics. Today, the Russian Federation cannot announce a general mobilization because it will cause a social explosion and unpredictable consequences. But in Moscow, they are trying to draw out a mobilization resource anywhere, without thinking about the figure, how many I will kill, how many people will be injured – the empire does not care about this,” says Zhdanov.

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