For the population of the Odessa region, the limits on electricity consumption were significantly reduced

The company “DTEK Odessa Electric Grids” complains that there is almost no available electricity.

NPC “Ukrenergo” has significantly reduced the limits on electricity consumption for the population of the Odessa region.

This was reported by DTEK Odessa Electric Grids. It is noted that the last attack of the Russian Federation on critical infrastructure facilities on January 14 caused an increase in the electricity shortage in Ukraine.

“Because of this, NPC Ukrenergo has reduced the amount of electricity that can be used by the Odessa region – the power consumption limit. As of January 17, Ukrenergo has provided a limit on electricity consumption for the daytime – almost 660 MW. The indicated volume is half of the normal energy consumption of the region,” the statement said.

It is noted that at the same time, networks with critical infrastructure, to which shutdowns do not apply, are almost half of all available electricity.

“Only 53% remains for the population and industry. At night, the limits are even lower – about 30% of the electricity demand under normal conditions. At the same time, critical infrastructure consumes the lion’s share,” the company explained.

Under such conditions, it is impossible to ensure the fulfillment of schedules since there is not enough available power to provide consumers with light during the hours guaranteed by the schedule. Therefore, emergency shutdowns continue to operate in the area.

They promise to return to the schedules only when the electricity shortage in Ukraine decreases and NPC Ukrenergo will be able to provide significant consumption limits for the Odessa region.

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