Foreigners suspected of subversive activities detained in Moldova

Foreigners associated with sabotage centers outside the country were expelled from Moldova.

According to Moldova’s Information and Security Service, two men were detained on February 27. They were trained in data and information-gathering activities to implement a plan to destabilize the country’s internal situation, provoking violent change in the constitutional order of the Republic of Moldova. Likewise, it was established that the foreign nationals, disguised as mere tourists, were coordinated from the shadows by a group affiliated with a conspiratorial network of overseas political technology and social engineering experts.

It should be noted that, during their stay on the national territory of the Republic of Moldova, the foreign citizens initiated a complex of informational-subversive actions to investigate various locations near government offices and critical infrastructure objectives. Also, they actively monitored and documented the country’s socio-political processes and the protest actions organized in the capital by certain political forces.

In order not to allow the continuation of subversive activity likely to endanger the national security of the Republic of Moldova, the Intelligence and Security Service of the General Inspectorate for Migration applied the insuring measure of declaring foreign citizens as undesirable persons for a period of 10 years, with their removal from the territory of the country.

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