Formation of international coalition to counter Russia’s criminal activities in cyberspace

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine welcomes the statements made by the European Union on behalf of the 27 member-states, the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Norway with a strong condemnation of Russia’s cyberattacks against Ukraine.

International partners assess the cyber-attacks committed by aggressor-state against Ukrainian critical infrastructure, its government agencies and enterprises as Russia’s ongoing irresponsible behavior in global cyberspace, and as a continuation of Russia’s unjustified and unprovoked large-scale military aggression against Ukraine. It is emphasized that criminal cyber activities of Russia against the objects of critical infrastructure of Ukraine pose a threat to our state and cause systemic consequences that threaten the security of the whole of Europe and our other international partners.

International community strongly condemn such actions. Russian aggression has also led to the formation of a new anti-kremlin international coalition that will effectively counter Russian criminal activities in global cyberspace. The technological capabilities of this coalition, as well as its successful experience in countering cyberattacks against Ukraine and its international partners, provide a solid ground to state confidently that the anti-Russian cyber coalition will strengthen the functioning of global cyberspace.

Ukraine is ready to attract all necessary technological and industrial capacities and will actively use the institutional capabilities of the international cyber coalition for strengthening its own institutional cyber resilience and effectively fighting disinformation, which will have a positive effect on the stable operation of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure and also to enhance cybersecurity of whole Europe.

We are grateful to the European Union and international partners for their willingness to provide coordinated political, financial and technical support of Ukraine for further strengthening its cyber resilience.

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