French business is ready to join the early reconstruction of Ukraine

French business is interested in investing in Ukraine and is ready to participate in its early reconstruction. This was announced by the First Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Economy of Ukraine, Yuliya Svyridenko, during a live broadcast from Paris on the air of the National Telethon.

“This morning started with a meeting with French business. With the heads of the country’s largest companies, we discussed what tools we, as the Government, can use to ensure that French business enters the Ukrainian market and develops Ukraine even before our victory. Many of the participants of the meeting are already interested in our logistics projects, projects in the agricultural and transport sphere”, said Yuliya Svyridenko.

The First Deputy Prime Minister – the Minister of Economy of Ukraine also noted that the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, is showing leadership in the issue of early reconstruction of Ukraine, in particular with an emphasis on the energy sphere, and has already joined the solution of energy problems in our country. And she reminded that two months ago, Ukraine presented the Advantage Ukraine investment platform, which has already received 500 applications from potential investors, most of which relate to the sphere of innovation, IT, agriculture, logistics and military tech. All interested investors can now participate in the reconstruction by leaving an application on the website.

“We understand that where Ukraine had advantages on the global market before the start of the war, investors direct their views even today. In particular, French business is ready to participate in the restoration – they are interested in projects related to water supply and drainage, energy efficiency, and logistics infrastructure,” Yuliya Svyridenko said.

The First Vice Prime Minister also noted that the Ukrainian Government is conducting a dialogue with international partners regarding military risk insurance for companies that will invest in Ukraine.

“We offer export credit agencies that provide insurance services for export operations to expand their services to insurance of investment activities and to insure their companies entering Ukraine. We have a list of investment projects and an understanding of their prioritization, and from their side, we have financing and companies ready to invest in Ukraine. And for us, the issue of military risk insurance is important. To help attract investments without waiting for the end of the war. War is not an obstacle to investment. This is a difficult period for us, but we will get through it,” Yulia Svyridenko assured.

We will remind you that the First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Economy Yuliya Svyridenko, as part of the government delegation, is visiting Paris, where the Forum on Economic Stability and Reconstruction of Ukraine will be held on December 13.

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