Frolov and Sova launched a jewelry collection to raise funds for the tourniquets

Ukrainian brands Frolov and Sova released a FOR LOVE jewelry collection to raise funds for tourniquets.

Rings, cuffs, pendants, and necklaces from the collection have the shape of an anatomical heart, the symbol of the FROLOV brand, in various interpretations.

The collaboration includes heart-shaped necklaces and rings in gold and diamonds, minimalist signet rings, statement cuffs, and five original pendants in yellow and white gold. The collection is supplemented with basic earrings for the stylization of products.

The flagship of the collection is an accent cuff-heart, which perfectly repeats the shape of the ear. “Unisex jewelry is created so as not to limit you in the ways of combinations and options of use,” the collection’s creators say.

The collection is limited — only 1,000 silver hearts were made, each with a personal number. 100% of the funds from the heart sale will be transferred to the medical battalion “Hospitaliers”.

The entire collection can be viewed and ordered by the link.

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