Front line assistance by Deutscher Stammtisch Odessa

The Russian invasion in February 2022 came as a great surprise to many of us and also hit us hard. We’re a German-speaking group of expats and regular guests of Ukraine’s summer capital. Since the first days of the war, some of the Stammtisch members have therefore been providing aid with great personal commitment, both in the humanitarian field and for the defense of Ukraine.

For the national defense Deutscher Stammtisch have so far organised over ten aid deliveries. The company make sure that the supplies are shipped directly to the front line and directly benefit the soldiers. To achieve this, the team work with Ukrainian war veterans and volunteers from the Territorial Defense.

From their contacts the team are told what is needed most urgently. Then collect donations and add their own funds to source these goods in Germany. Deutschen Stammtisch take care to buy and deliver in large quantities and at favourable conditions.

Current situation

The late autumn and winter with all the mud, wetness, cold and frost, is one of the hardest seasons for the soldiers. Even if winter equipment is supplied from international army stocks, the demand is still huge.

Right now the Deutschen Stammtisch are primarily delivering:

  • Thermal underwear
  • Waterproof rain jackets
  • Fleece underjackets
  • Tactical gloves
  • Gaiters
  • Winter sleeping bags
  • Esbit / gas cartridges
  • Power banks
  • Generators


In order to be able to continue to support the soldiers at the front, Stammtisch depend on donations. The company guarantee that every single cent donated will reach the front line. If you would like to support, please donate to the campaign set up for this specific purpose:

PayPal – Monobank

Deutscher Stammtisch Odessa would like to thank all donors right now! For further questions please contact us via their contact form.

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