Gauleiter of Melitopol was returned under escort, but he escaped again

Balitsky is either waiting for the Ukrainian court, which will decide on the article on treason, or the Russian special services.

After escaping to Crimea, Gauleiter of Melitopol, Yevgeny Balitsky was returned under escort. The mayor Ivan Fedorov told about this on FREEDOM.

“After his departure, he was returned under escort on September 1, so he seemed alive and well. After that, he disappeared again. To date, his presence in Melitopol has not been noticed; he has long been asked to lead remotely,” Fedorov said.

The mayor added, “at any convenient moment, he will be brought under escort and will be shown”: “This is definitely not a person who makes any decisions. This is just a person for a trade.”

Fedorov noted that Balitsky is either waiting for the Ukrainian court for treason, or the Russian special services. According to Fedorov, the FSB would later liquidate the Gauleiter as used.

At present, calls from collaborators attached to the “electoral commission” for holding a pseudo-referendum have become more frequent. Traitors worry about their own lives and ask to tell the partisans that they will no longer cooperate with the invaders, Fedorov added.

On August 31, collaborator Yevgeny Balitsky announced that he would allegedly work in Crimea. He referred to family circumstances and promised preparations for a pseudo-referendum in the region to continue.

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