Gauleiters Aksenov and Konstantinov fled from Crimea

After a series of strikes on military targets of the Russian occupiers in Crimea, the Kremlin’s puppets – “Prime Minister” Sergei Aksyonov and “Speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov – left the peninsula.

The flight of the Kremlin’s henchmen occurred after they received a call from a curator from Moscow, intelligence sources told Channel 24.

It is noted that for a successful “evacuation” the invaders blocked the Crimean bridge at night. At the same time, the Gauleiters in Moscow about the possible danger to their lives.

“Then the occupation leaders began to take out their wives and children from the Crimea hastily. Gauleiters even took out their mistresses, who were put in guarded vehicles,” the newspaper writes.

In addition, it is specified that the subordinates of the “premier” were destroying documents all night. Currently, the “politicians” families are in Rostov, where they settled in one of the hotels.

“There is no conversation about the returning to the peninsula yet,” the sources said.

According to intelligence, representatives of the occupying authorities ordered to post fabricated videos on social networks and the media. This videos will supposedly be recorded in Crimea. The Gauleiters can return for several hours to solve certain problems, but it seems that from now on they will live in Russia.

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