General Staff: The Armed Forces are resisting. Everything is working out for us

“The Armed Forces are resisting…”, said the Deputy Chief of the Main Operational Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Brigadier General Oleksii Hromov, during a briefing at the Military Media Center.

The main efforts of Ukrainian troops were focused on deterring the enemy in the districts of Berestov, Soledar, and Bakhmut.

“The enemy is trying to block Bakhmut from the south, northeast, and seize Soledar, which will create favorable conditions for the continuation of the offensive in the direction of Chasiv Yar with the aim of further blocking Bakhmut from the west,” reported Oleksii Hromov. “The Armed Forces are resisting. Everything is working out for us.”

He also noted that fighting has been going on in Pavlivka for the past week.

“The enemy, with forces up to a motorized rifle company, and sometimes two, supported by the fire of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and artillery, systematically tried to break through the defense of our troops to capture Pavlivka and exit to Vugledar,” reported Oleksii Hromov. “Thanks to the coordinated and professional actions of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the enemy loses the opportunity to implement its plans.”

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in addition to this, during the week, the enemy showed high activity in the areas of Piska – Vodiane, Pokrovske – Bakhmut, Zaitseve, Mayorsk, and others, where more than 40 combat clashes were recorded in the past day.

“This shows that the enemy is trying to achieve his goal at any cost,” the representative of the General Staff emphasized. The enemy suffers losses in manpower and equipment: only in one direction for two days, his losses amounted to about 300 service members, of which more than 100 are irreversible, and more than 20 units of equipment.

According to Oleksii Hromov, in general, the enemy is trying with all its might, primarily at the expense of mobilized, former prisoners and private military companies, to constrain the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to take all measures to “deplete the resources of the Ukrainian military.”

“For the Kremlin, any loss of manpower, especially among the mobilized, is acceptable,” added Oleksii Hromov.

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