Gennady Gudkov: Putin is now looking for support in the FSB

Russian President Vladimir Putin feels powerless amid the events around Crimea. He understands that the loss of the peninsula will equal his personal defeat.

Against this background, American generals and officials are already giving out their plans for Crimea. They were commented on by the Russian opposition leader Gennady Gudkov.

“The generals have now taken power in the country. As for Putin right now, it’s clear that he is weakening. But he can’t govern the country alone. We roughly understand since the generals are now killing Prigozhin, and Putin can no longer help him. This is revenge for the humiliation they have been in for many months,” he said.

Gudkov believes that Putin is now looking for support in the FSB.

“The FSB has always conflicted with the military and, in fact, crushed the army. The first month of the war, at least, explains the failures on the battlefield. Because the FSB actually controlled military operations, that is, they made political decisions… Putin felt weak that they are already beginning to control him, he felt like a puppet to some extent. He began to give such curtsy and bows to the FSB, maybe they will support him,” added the oppositionist.

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