German plan to speed up grain exports from Ukraine

The German federal government plans to set up a fund to speed up grain exports from Ukraine. In particular, the government of Berlin is discussing the purchase of wheat cars, which are currently lacking in Ukraine.

The German federal government plans to set up a fund to purchase grain wagons to speed up grain exports from Ukraine under a naval blockade, said Michael Toirer, the German government’s railway commissioner.

The government is discussing the idea of ​​creating a fund for the purchase of wheat wagons. In addition, it is a question of providing assistance with terminals for transshipment of grain on the Ukrainian border due to the different width of the railway track.

We are doing everything possible so that grain can be transported from Ukraine by rail to prevent global famine.

Michael Toirer, German government’s railway commissioner

According to his estimates, “in the most optimistic case” of the 23 million tons of grain stored in Ukraine, the railway will be able to export 10 million tons.

Transportation is provided by the German federal government, the European Commission, as well as relevant German associations – in particular the Association of Agricultural Traders. The latter also advocates simplifying the crossing of the EU’s external border for grain in trucks and raising the threshold for such cargo from 40 to 44 tonnes.

From the point of view of the Agricultural Trade Association, the coordination center should launch grain wagons. It should also provide preferential treatment for cars in railway repair shops. In addition, Euro II emission trucks, which are still widespread in Ukraine, should be allowed to enter the EU for a limited period of time.

Source: Center of Transport Strategies

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