Germany organizes a “grain bridge” for Ukraine

Together with the logistics company DB Cargo (a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn), the German federal government intends to organize a “grain bridge” for Ukraine.

This is necessary to ensure the movement of Ukrainian grain in the conditions of blocked ports, writes Handelsblatt.

“As a representative of rail transport, I have an obligation to facilitate the shipment of 20 million tons of grain in order to prevent world famine,” said Michael Theurer, state secretary of the Federal Ministry of Transport.

He noted that negotiations are underway with the Ukrainian railway and the railways of other European countries – Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Romania.

“Now we are studying how actually to implement the grain bridge,” the politician said.

And he added that it could be 20 thousand flights.

Michael Theurer noted that interdepartmental coordination is already taking place within the federal government framework. The Federal Ministry of Finance, the Departments of Agriculture and Economics, and the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development are involved.

It is specified that one train can carry up to 52 containers, which will ensure the export of agricultural raw materials from Ukraine and the import of agricultural machinery and spare parts to Ukraine.

DB Cargo is also considering the option of creating regular trains connecting the ports.

Deutsche Bahn, upon request, confirmed to the publication that “there are plans on this topic.”