Gesheft Garage Sale. Upcycling & Art

The warmest, most creative, special meeting with the Gesheft Garage Sale Festival will happen on September 17, 18, and 19. The theme is Upcycling & Art. Location is the Green Theater!

September Gesheft Garage Sale dedicated to Upcycling and Art is an opportunity to visit Odessa, enjoy the last warm days and get to know Ukrainian sustainable designs.

And for producers, this is an excellent opportunity to present their products and brand at one of the largest festivals in Ukraine.

At Gesheft Garage Sale, they approach the topic of upcycling from different angles: in the decor, in the workshop program, in the selection of participants. Also, there is a place for the upselling market. This is a place for understanding the most important things and an opportunity to see things differently.

The cost of the ticket for three days of the festival is 130 UAH, valid until the start of the festival. Tickets for one day can be bought on the days of the festival. Their price is 100 UAH / day. The price on the days of the festival for three days will be 150 UAH.

You can not only get inspired but also acquire the work of Ukrainian artists, pick up something special for yourself and your friend! And let that something keep you warm all autumn and winter.

Here is some photos from the last Gesheft Garage Sale:

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